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May 21, 2006

Clarification of Globe & Mail and Toronto Star errors.

Filed under: The Revue Cinema — NorthRonces @ 6:55 pm

Thanks go to Midori, manager of the Revue Theatre, for clarifying the ownership and history of the Revue. The McMillans do indeed own the building which opened up in 1911 as a movie theatre. Midori contributed the following comment to and I thought it deserved its own blog entry:

The Revue is owned privately by the McQuillans, The Globe and Mail report had its information wrong. The theatre opened in 1911 exclusively as a cinema and has never closed its doors in its 95 year history (it has also always been an independent, if my information is correct). This fact makes the Revue the oldest running cinema in the province and third oldest in Canada. It certainly is a blow to the city’s film lovers to have the Revue and the other reps close their doors. We have been really touched by the support the community has offered since the closure was announced earlier this week and will keep you apprised as new information becomes available. I am hopeful the Revue will be back as your neighbourhood cinema in the near future!


Manager, Revue Cinema

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