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May 24, 2006

A public call: Let’s look for a solution to save our local cinema.

Filed under: The Revue Cinema — NorthRonces @ 10:17 pm

Midori, the manager of the Revue Cinema, has asked me to pass along this following call to arms:

Dear Friends, Neighbours, and Cinema Lovers,

It is with deep disappointment that I write you today with news the Revue, Royal, and Kingsway theatres are slated to close this June 30th, 2006. Like many of you, I will miss walking to my favourite cinema, that nostalgic silver screen experience, and the movies themselves. But more than that, the Revue has felt like a community gathering place where friends and neighbours bump into each other, where we celebrate neighbourhood kids’ birthdays, and bring our babies to the mini-matinĂ©es. I will miss getting to know the folks of this neighbourhood and certainly miss working with the dedicated, dynamic, and boundlessly energetic team here. (more…)

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