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June 8, 2006

Toronto City Works Committee rejects MegaBins!

Filed under: EcoMupis & MegaBins — NorthRonces @ 11:49 am

Here is some good news to tide us over until the “Save the Revue” battle is won. It is also evidence that community action can influence the shape of our neighbourhoods. According to the Toronto Public Space Committee (TPSC) June 2006 newsletter, Toronto City Works has recommended that the City Council reject the Eucan MegaBin contract. has been following this issue since its inception and is pleased that reason and good taste have won out over greed and bad design. Unfortunately, the TPSC notes that the trial MegaBins are still on the street and probably won’t be removed until the new Street Furniture project is in place—unless we make a fuss, of course. Read the follow excerpt to find out what you can do:

EUCAN’T – WE CAN! ~ one more email, then we party!

Ding dong the witch is dead! It isn’t quite official yet – City Council has to confirm the recommendations (probably June 14), but thanks to all your hard work, the Eucan bins have been thoroughly quashed. The Works Committee has recommended not extending Eucan’s contract and not installing any of the thousands of planned megabins.

Unfortunately, there are still around 80 of those monstrosities out there. The bins were intended to be part of a 3-month trial project. Then councillors decided that Eucan could use them for advertising while they decided on the fate of the project. Now it looks like they will be allowed to remain until the new Street Furniture Project is in place. This could mean years.

Some councillors who participated in the pilot did so because they hated the bins and wanted to prove they didn’t work. Others who were originally supporters of the bins have seen the light since the test. City Staff have recognized that these bins don’t work. They overflow, they block pedestrian traffic and they have abysmal recycling rates. Let’s get rid of them!

Please take a minute before Wednesday June 14th to write to your city councillor to request that all Eucan bins be removed from our streets!

Find their addresses here.


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