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February 25, 2007

“We *will* be seeing films there again.”

Filed under: The Revue Cinema — NorthRonces @ 10:34 am thought it appropriate to promote this letter from comment to full fledge post, as it expresses the most concrete hope for the Revue continuing as neighbourhood theatre as we have heard for a long time. This optimism, a result of the persistent work of the Revue Film Society, is especially welcome after the loss of the theatre’s marquee last week.

Yes it was a shock to lose the Revue Cinema marquee. Such nostalgia. But I’m just letting you know not to worry as we are well on ourway to re-activating the beautiful Revue Cinema. We *will* be seeing films there again! Please keep in touch through:


Daria Stermac
founding member of the Revue Film Society

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